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Hack It: EP35 - Ikea Hacks

Rebecca does a little DIY magic and transforms ordinary IKEA products into so much more!

Products used in the video:

FROSTA Stool http://bit.ly/2a2yq0M

HEAT Pot Stand http://bit.ly/29O6FGg

SULTAN LADE Bed Base http://bit.ly/29SvOUZ

BLECKA hooks http://bit.ly/29OkoTG

GRUNDTAL S-hooks http://bit.ly/2a9YgCG

BYGEL S-hooks http://bit.ly/2a9YpWU

IMMELN Shower Basket http://bit.ly/29OovLy

DOKUMENT Pen Cup http://bit.ly/29P6Xxu

BURKEN Jar http://bit.ly/29J0BPL

KORKEN Jar http://bit.ly/29Oo3g9

FENOMEN Candles http://bit.ly/2a3WqDA

EKBY HÅLL Wall L Bracket http://bit.ly/2a3WT8W

GRUNDTAL Toilet Roll Holder http://bit.ly/29OkHy4

FIXA Drill http://bit.ly/2a2ypu2

FIXA Tool Set http://bit.ly/29GleRp

FIXA Wood Screws http://bit.ly/29P7zU8

Hack It

Useful hacks you can use at home and in your daily life. Hosted by Rebecca Tan.


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Comments (130)
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